Updates logs

01/11/2018 Thursday. Updated Twitter information. @imexnyc

Got visitor from Wilkes-Barre PA.

Sitemap added.

01/12/2018 Friday.Upload single page product image.

01/13/2018 Saturday. Redesigned Logo, adjust layout, updated all single product pages.

01/14/2018 Sunday. Single Page Content update. Single letter page idea. To make b,q,p,d,6,9 as a single page.

01/15/2018 Monday. MLK Day. Testing media quries for different viewport devices.

01/20/2018 Sataurday. Adding details for product information. Testing page 1001.htm

01/21/2018 Sunday. get webiste SSL certificate done.

02/05/2018 Monday. www.bqpd69.com work with www.1zhang.com to provide best deal online for all Five Points Glassware.

02/14/2018 Wednesday. Updated front page.